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Report of the September 2014 General Meeting by the Hon. Secretary, Henry Hodges

The first meeting of the society following the summer break was well attended

The talk was given by John Burrows on "The 1816 Chepstow Bridge". He argued that this bridge is now almost unique in that period and that the very few others that survive from that decade are much smaller

He further thought that the importance of both the bridge and its designer were presently very underrated. Now seems to be the time to start a campaign to recognise their worth as the "old bridge" approaches its 200th anniversary

The structure has "worldwide" significance in bridge building terms and could be worthy of recognition as a World Heritage Site

After a short break, the meeting discussed local matters. There was concern about the projected M4 relief road across the Levals, as there was about the imminent closure of the Caerleon campus of newport University

Plans had recently appeared detailing the layout of the housing estate which will replace the Shipyard when Fairfield Mabey move out in 2015/16. That no provision was made in this application for the sand dredgers, Chepstow's last maritime business, was noted

The president reported that the Hummingbird Hawk moths had been seen and that he had been passed pictures of a wasp-like insect which he so far was unable to identify. These perhaps could be seen as further evidence of "global warming"

Next month's meeting is on October 15th at the Drill Hall at 7.15pm. The talk will be given by Peter Strong on "Monmouthshire musings. All welcome

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